YOGA - $25


Designed to unite mind, body and soul, Yoga includes meditation, breath control and the practice of specific postures to create strength, flexibility, and calmness of mind.


Yoga and Meditation Classes at House of Movement Miami

Considered the most extensive yoga practice, combining physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and mantra, all in one class. Learn how this sacred science and technology can help you strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and elevate your consciousness.

YIN YOGA - $25


Yin Yoga works on the Yin tissues, known as the connective tissues, which respond to a slow, steady and gentle weight that yields longer and stronger fibers. Yin Yoga enhances the flow of chi (energy) in the organs. The brain enters deep relaxation, and beginners and experienced practitioners alike leave feeling energized with noticed increase in physical performance.



A series of poses moves the practitioner through the power of inhaling and exhaling in breath-synchronized movement. These movements are smoothly flowing, almost dance-like, explaining why the practice is commonly referred to as Flow.

PRENATAL YOGA - Private ($125), Group class ($30 with min. 3 guests)


Our Yoga classes help release stored fatigue, massage joints, shift organs, increase digestion, increase energy as mother, and maintain hormonal balance during pregnancy. Meditation increases concentration and heightens mother communication with baby.




Melissa is grew up in the Florida Keys and discovered yoga first in college then while backpacking through Europe and Southeast Asia, found a deep curiosity to learn and experience other cultures, especially teachings of spirituality. This lead her to fall in love with yoga; and now her passion is to share with others what she has learned and experienced.

Her practice on the mat has enabled her to observe life with increasing clarity. As she delved deeper into the ancient teachings and meditative aspects, her practice led her to Amrit Yoga and eventually to teaching.

Melissa is a certified 200 hour Amrit Yoga instructor, with an additional 100 hour Yoga Nidra certification, from the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida. Previously, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. She is also currently in-training to become a certified Pilates instructor.



Andres has been practicing yoga for 10 years.
After graduating with a bachelors degree in philosophy (FIU) he moved to India from 09-’13. Studied at Bihar school of yoga (200hr) under the tutelage of swami niranjananda.
Spent time delving deep into meditation and living with monks. When I had enough tools to figure myself out I decided to come back to teach others what had taken me so long to see. It’s simple, we just need the right steps and training. The yoga I teach is integral. It aims to optimize the whole being. It aims to show you a new version of yourself that’s been there but hidden even from yourself. How do we do this? With yogic practices. Some stretch the muscles, others cleanse the bowels and others teach you a more efficient way to breath, but after a while you start to link up the different practices. Most teachers show you moves. I want to show you movement through the modality called yoga. The goal is to feel better every day, to get better at living your life. That’s yoga. Let me show you.

Christine Gagen


Christine took her first Ashtanga class as a teenager and was instantly hooked. Every asana, twist, bend and movement felt like home. She continues to deepen her practice through a mix of styles—Mysore, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative and others. She lived in Paris for four years where she studied visual arts, and is now a Pilates, Gyrotonics, and yoga instructor in New York City and Miami. Christine completed her Pilates machine and mat certification in 2011 and her 200-hour teacher training in Chakra Yoga in 2013.
The heart of yoga and Pilates for Christine is the fact that it is a practice, a constant practice in which, every day, every pose and sequence is a new experience. Being connected to one’s body through movement is a commitment to wholeness and to honoring our true selves. She loves composing each class based on the requests and needs of the individuals present while encouraging the balance of ease and strength.



Alison Carr is a second year student in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine.  She is a graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.   Alison also graduated with minors in Management and Psychology.  Alison is a certified yoga instructor, teaching vinyasa yoga since 2013.

Rosemary Pearson-Rosenthal


Rosemary was given the gift of yoga as a teenager. With a ballet and dance background, yoga was a natural progression in bodywork. Yoga healed old dance injuries and allowed a deepened self-awareness to arise, making it a complete practice for her.
After practicing consistently for a number of years, her teacher Jennifer Hamill, encouraged her to enroll in teacher training at her alma mater Yoga East. Under the tutelage of Laura Spalding and other seasoned teachers. Rosemary came away from the two year program having studied yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy and many different forms of Asana.
Eager to share what she learned, she helped develop programs and taught for a major hospital’s Community Education and Wellness Center. She also offered classes at a number of different studios and programs in the community.
With a firm foundation in Ashtanga and Iyengar styles, Rosemary’s approach to teaching is one of clear instruction, attention to alignment, patience and love.
As a new resident of Miami with over ten years of teaching experience, she is looking forward to continuing her journey of teaching, sharing, and learning.