Best pilates studio and instructors! It’s a gorgeous environment and a workout that rejuvenates! It’s a must for anything pilates or gyro!

Angela Solk June 14, 2017

Besides the convenient location, this place has wonderful instructors and a variety of activities for the entire family. It is great to have a space to take care of my body that feels like home.

Lu De Medeiros June 14, 2017

I call it The “Mansion of Wellness” because is exquisite, beautiful and full of energy, they call it “the House” because the warmth of its people will certainly melt you away and make you feel at home. In my opinion this is the only place where you body and your mind find the perfect path

Gina Arellano June 14, 2017

The House of Movement Miami is a clean and tranquil studio. They offer a large variety of classes to satisfy anyone interested in pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional and motivating. Some of the classes featured are gyrotonics , pilates, yoga, dance and much more. They also offer an organic

Gina Zarmati June 14, 2017

What an amazing experience! Beautiful ambience, professional and welcoming staff always eager to help you in any way. Awesome place!

Helen Fuentes June 14, 2017

The House of Movement is the best place in Brickell to get a good workout…no matter what you want to do. My favorite class is Pilates, I always feel amazing afterwards. I love that it has easy parking, spacious rooms and a variety of things to do from workouts to massages.

Alessandra Quintero June 14, 2017

When I first began pilates, I was recovering from several surgeries that left my entire body frail and weak.  More challengingly, I had no abdominal strength or connection whatsoever.


Not only was Delia expertly skilled in teaching me proper form and technique, but the exceptional care with which she treated me has directly led not only to my recovery but also to getting me in the best shape of my life.  My muscles are stronger and leaner. I have learned about the economy of movement and how the many parts of our bodies interact for different results.  Further, she treats every client with unique attention.  She applies her knowledge to each person’s body, pushing where pushing is necessary and modifying exercises when called for.
Any comment about Delia that does not also highlight her warmth, love and devotion is incomplete.  She has become a wonderful friend as well as mentor.  I have been lucky enough to work with Delia for almost two years.  The one and only reason why I do not continue my private pilates training with her today is simply that she moved to Miami.

Noa Walsky June 14, 2017