Morning and afternoon bilingual swim classes hosted by Swim Kids in our heated swimming pool. 

Book and Payment Directly to Swim Kids in:


Group ranges from 4 – 24 mo. (baby)

2 – 3 yrs. (turtles),

3 – 5 yrs. (jelly fish),

7+ yrs. (dolphin)

10+ yrs. (Shark)

Special promotions available during certain months.

Aqua Zumba

Combines Zumba dance routines with water resistance for a low impact exercise that helps you tone your muscles

Aqua Yoga

Is a low-impact aquatic exercise, performing Yoga poses in warm water. Aqua Yoga poses simultaneously help you to develop: Strength, static balance and range of motion increase.

Aqua Therapy

Provides therapeutic treatments and exercises that are performed floating, partially submerged, or fully submerged in water.

Water Ashiatsu