Who we are
The holistic home was founded on a love for Pilates, an exercise that engages the mind-body connection and aligns the emotional center, confirming the knowledge that we must move physically for transformation to happen within.
Through the restorative benefits of this fundamental practice, House of Movement advocates movement is life. Move to live.

Each founder is a visionary in their own regard, and together they believe: Mindful movement is the medicine for the soul.



Gladys Valdes is inspired to share the message that people should incorporate fitness and wellness into their lives, achieved through Pilates and other forms of fitness and dance classes, along with spa and health services.
Delia Benito has the goal to help people become more aware of their body, mind and soul, by utilizing various methods in order to train their bodies to find balance and develop good posture.
Alex Felix has the purpose is to make people feel and look better through knowledge of different fitness activities.


Everyone is invited to join the journey in discovering their inner self through a holistic approach to fitness, health and life.